Kim Moberg is a singer/songwriter/musician who lives on the beautiful peninsula of
Cape Cod in Massachusetts. A self taught, finger pick style acoustic guitarist,
Kim has an introspective interpretation of songs and is especially drawn to
musical stories that tug at feelings of melancholy, heartbreak, and healing.
Her original songs speak to reunion, awakening and social consciousness.

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“I just want to give you a great big hug!! This is such an honest and earnest cd!”
-Cat Wilson, The Cheap Seats, Ocean 104.7 Hyannis, MA

“I thought your showcase was one of the finest I saw during NERFA and I love the CD I received. I am playing a track this week and I am sure many more in the weeks to come.”  
-Ron Olesko, Traditions
eaneck, NJ

"They say that music cures all ills and has a way of uplifting the soul when it is down. 
The very first time I heard Kim Moberg at the NERFA 2017
Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ showcase, that very thought came to mind.  
Kim has a way of uplifting the spirit when it's down and filling one's heart and mind
with hope. The world is a much brighter place with Kim Moberg.  
Listen to Kim's music and you'll be smiling, too." 
-Jon Stein, Hootenanny Cafe, WTBQ Orange County, NY



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“Kim Moberg combines a lovely voice with a deep insight into the human experience. 
Her songs evoke genuine emotional responses in the listener, as she carries on the acoustic folk tradition in the 21st century. ” 
— Nick Noble, host of THE FOLK REVIVAL, WICN (Worcester Public Radio)

"Be it instrumental or vocal, there's a haunting quality to Kim Moberg's music.
Melancholic melodies and stories of separation and reunion are Moberg's songwriting staples, and mark her as an upcoming artist." 
-Joe Burns, Independent Reporter  

"We are starting off this introduction of Singer/Songwriter Kim Moberg with a song called “The Call” because it sets the tone of reaching beyond, both spiritually and individually, to face challenges that all dreams demand we rise to.
The sweet sadness she sings is gentle and insistent as the incoming tide." 
-Colette O'Connor, Notes From Northeast,  
New England Women Songwriters KZUM-FM 

“Kim Moberg has a uniqe and conscientious
voice that envelopes you in her
wisdom with her heart-song.
Her timeless voice channels ancestral spirit
with modern melodies to create a union
that connects the navel with the umbilical cord
to the Mother Earth”

-Pandora Peoples, Host of "HEALING WISDOM", WOMR (Outermost Radio)